About TradeinTransit

Hello, everyone!

I’m Akhil. Final year student at NLU Jodhpur. Trade law nerd and writing enthusiast. My first interaction with WTO law was a moot court competition in 2013 and it was love at first sight. Since then I’ve tried to follow the subject wherever (and however) I could. I’m a complete fan of international economic law and hope to one day take it up professionally. This blog was an attempt in this very direction.

I used to write pretty regularly till last November, when college work (read: laziness) got in the way of regular blogging. Fast forward one year and it finally seems like the time for TradeinTransit 2.0 is here. I usually blog about contemporary trade law issues, particularly focusing on developing countries. WTO law is the predominant ingredient in my blog “curry“. I try and make my servings spicy, yet palatable for everyone. Though the subject matter is highly technical, I usually try and present it my views in an uncomplicated fashion.

Welcome to TradeinTransit. I hope you like what you find.


Winter, ’15

The Beatles certainly knew what they were talking about.

“What would you think if I sang out a tune, would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song and I’ll try not to sing out of key. Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends.”

This project, much like a lot in my life, owes its existence to a wonderful bunch of supportive, yet timely-critical friends. When I first started writing on the blog, apart from general encouragement, I had the good fortune of having buddies who (knowing my fickle-minded personality) literally forced me to put in the required efforts. Sensible advice has also never been too far away for me. Despite the fact that Trade Law is a rather unusual tune to be singing here in India, my close friends always nudged me to serenade away – following my passion wherever it took me. In fact, for me personally, the very impetus to write comes largely from a very close-knit group of college friends.

Continuing that tradition, it is my pleasure to welcome Divyansh Singh on board. A dear friend of mine and a junior of mine from college, Divyansh (known fondly as Shahid Manjoor) is a burst of enthusiasm and dedicated persistence. As the first person to directly help me with the blog’s working, he assists me in editing as well as in brainstorming ideas. Teaching him some of the basics of Trade Law has helped me clear some of my own doubts about the subject. To top it off, he drops great solutions at the most unexpected of times.

Looking forward to a long and productive collaboration.

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