Newsflash: Draft Decision for SVEs adopted

A draft decision regarding Small and Vulnerable Economies (SVEs) has been adopted by the WTO for its 10th Ministerial Conference (MC) in Nairobi. As of now it is a mere skeletal structure, primarily highlighting the problems that these countries face in international trade and encouraging further effort towards solving such issues. SVEs are disadvantaged owing… Continue reading Newsflash: Draft Decision for SVEs adopted

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Is the WTO Dispute Settlement system in danger?

So there’s recently a lot of talk going around in trade law circles about the supposedly  “grossly illegitimate” ruling in the long-standing Tuna/Dolphin dispute at the WTO. Some of you may already be aware of the problem underlying the case. It involves a complaint by Mexico against the United States regarding certain requirements that the latter… Continue reading Is the WTO Dispute Settlement system in danger?

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Tariffs, TPP, Tokes and Terrorism.

Trade law news roundup from Law360: Panama wins a WTO case against Guatemala as the latter failed to show that its increased tariffs were justified on the grounds of money laundering prevention. IMF allows the Chinese Renminbi (RMB) to be included in the “Special Drawing Right” category of currencies from October next year, joining the Dollar,… Continue reading Tariffs, TPP, Tokes and Terrorism.